More Messages: Missing Karr

Remember back, waaay back, when the local media was obsessed with a fellow named John Mark Karr? Well, mere weeks later, very few journos remain interested in the man who falsely claimed to have killed Boulder tot JonBenet Ramsey nine-plus years ago.

KHOW talk-show hosts Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman continue to spend a significant amount of airtime yapping about Boulder district attorney Mary Lacy's dubious decision to bring Karr to Boulder in the first place; their latest findings can be examined by clicking here. But Peter Boyles, their KHOW colleague, has returned to his previous pet topic, illegal immigration (save us all), and the dailies aren't spilling much ink in regard to Karr's interactions with the California court system, which is obligated to prosecute him on past child-porn-related matters. Today's Denver Post was blessedly Karr-free, while the Rocky Mountain News, which beat the tale to death early on, managed only a single item about a scheduled court appearance. The piece, which was buried on page 24A, ran four brief paragraphs and didn't even include a byline.

Does that mean even Rocky types don't want their name associated with this story anymore? Or has the Karr saga become of so little interest at the tabloid that it's now the responsibility of a lowly intern? Either way, Karr's journey has gone from must-see to who-gives-a-crap in near-record time. -- Michael Roberts

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