More Messages: TerraSonic Shift

Here at Westword, we joke among ourselves about the Best of Denver curse, which strikes when we give an award to a worthy restaurant, business or program -- which shuts down shortly after the honor sees print. Something similar recently occurred in relation to a Message column, but this ending is a comparatively happy one.

The July 13 Message lauded a trio of unusual local radio shows -- and first among equals was TerraSonic, a wonderfully wide-ranging world-music show hosted by Joel Davis (pictured) that's been a weekend staple on Radio 1190, CU-Boulder's excellent station. Cut to earlier this month, when TerraSonic disappeared from the Radio 1190 schedule.

Fortunately, though, Davis' creation simply moved across town, to KGNU, Boulder's eclectic public-radio outlet; it can be heard at noon Saturdays on the outlet's 1390 AM signal. Davis, corresponding via e-mail, emphasizes that "I really enjoyed my time at 1190 and my leaving should definitely not be construed as any kind of statement against them. I moved over to KGNU because I've been involved there for 16 years and feel that's my radio home; I want to try syndicating TerraSonic and KGNU is a better venue from which to launch that effort; and I'm not a student (I'll be 40 in October) and most of the people I knew at 1190 have graduated and moved on. "

The upgraded TerraSonic website includes playlists and live streams, so people who don't remember to twist the dial at the proper time can still enjoy Davis' intelligently eclectic blend of sounds from around the globe. The results certainly don't qualify as a curse. -- Michael Roberts

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