More Messages: We Can Handle the Truth

During the June 29 edition of Channel 2's late newscast, anchor Asha Blake introduced a segment on the latest unimportant story to clog up more than its share of national TV airtime: the messy departure of the terrifying Star Jones Reynolds from The View, ABC's long-running, self-satirizing daytime chat show. After screening a seemingly endless clip of Reynolds justifying her actions in an appearance on Larry King Live, Blake asked cohort Ernie Bjorkman if he knew about some other tedious aspect of the contretemps. In response, Bjorkman offered perhaps the five sanest words heard on a local news program in recent memory: "I know I don't care."

Imagine how much better local TV news would be if more personalities trotted out this phrase after lengthy reports about events that don't deserve coverage in the first place, investigative segments that induce laughter instead of slackened jaws, and self-promotional puff pieces that embarrass everyone involved -- or should. So kudos, Ernie, and keep up the truth-telling. Howard "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" Beale couldn't have said it better. -- Michael Roberts

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