More than $10 Million for Extra Cops During the DNC

$10 million dollars.

That’s the base amount that the City of Denver plans to shell out for hundreds of extra officers from surrounding municipalities as a way to augment DPD forces during the week of the Democratic National Convention next month.

The final sum will be much more since the breakdown that Deputy Manager of Safety Mel Thompson and Captain Steven Carter laid out this morning to members of City Council Safety Committee was only for contracts more than $500,000.

Here are the figures:

Adams County: $693,894.77 Arapahoe County: $949,851.42 The City of Aurora: $2,865,280.83 The City of Lakewood: $1,060,640.26 The State of Colorado: $3,647,735.23 Jefferson County: $1,005,598.36

Additional smaller contracts for officers and security assistance will go to ten other agencies, which ones and how much is unclear since Thompson and Carter didn’t elaborate at the meeting and calls to the Manager of Safety’s office have not been returned as of this afternoon. Thompson has also declined to discuss how many officers and additional personnel they’ll be temporarily utilizing, citing security concerns. Capt. Carter noted that nearly every local agency they’ve asked for help “have been very generous” and began special training for DNC as early as last October. “But we’re avoiding actual numbers,” he said. Too bad Aurora already let it leak that they’re donating more than 300 cops to the cause, a fact that Carter responded to with, “We’d rather they not report that.”

Most of the added police will be paired with a officers on normal district duty as a way to free up Denver cops for special DNC work. Ultimately all outside officers will take orders from Denver command, Carter explained. The money for all of these added cops will come from a $50 million security grant that the federal government has promised each to Denver and St. Paul for hosting the conventions. – Jared Jacang Maher

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Jared Jacang Maher

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