Morons drive cars, according to new CDOT campaign for motorcycle safety

People who drive cars are morons. Just ask the Colorado Department of Transportation.

CDOT's new "Live to Ride" motorcycle campaign promotes wearing proper safety gear. But the department couldn't just trot out the grisly figures, such as that last year more than two-thirds of the 88 bikers killed in the state didn't have on a helmet, or at least weren't wearing one correctly.

If the agency went that route, it would just come off as a bunch of catastrophizing complainers, the sort of folks bikers eat for breakfast. Nor could it go for a glitzy, helmet-focused fashion blitz, since we all know hog jockies aren't big on lookin' purty.

So instead, CDOT decided to hammer home a concept every biker already knows: non-bikers are idiots. You can check out examples of the new ads above and after the jump. Will it inspire some old rider to strap on a noggin cap? You be the judge.

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