The 25 Most-Ticketed Denver Streets in 2018

The 25 Most-Ticketed Denver Streets in 2018
Photo by Anthony Camera
Around 400,000 parking citations have been written in Denver since the beginning of 2018. Of that staggering total, nearly 40 percent pertain to alleged violations on just 25 streets, most of which cut through downtown.

The Denver Department of Public Works responded to our request for information about the most ticketed locations in the city so far this year with an enormous data dump. We received documentation of 368,937 citations handed out between January 1 and September 9.

Making sense of these facts and figures proved a challenge to the math-challenged Westword staff. But spreadsheet expert Siyi Tu came to our rescue and earned our eternal gratitude.

The streets named on the most citations will be familiar to most Denverites, and particularly downtown dwellers: They include Grant, Logan, Lincoln, Broadway, Larimer and plenty of other iconic routes. The 25th-most-ticketed street was the locale for more than 3,700 — a figure dwarfed by the total on the number-one street, which exceeds 12,000.

The cumulative sum of tickets for the top 25 streets during the aforementioned range is 146,230. That's about 39.6 percent of the citations written in 2018 through September's first nine days.

These digits confirm that city parking monitors downtown are constantly on the lookout for violators — and if you don't get back to your meter before time expires, you should expect to pay.

How much? We've included a current list of parking fine amounts following a list of the 25 most-ticketed streets in Denver, ranked in descending order and including the number of citations on each.

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