Moving On

Jeff Campbell is moving on. But he's leaving the group he founded, the ten-year-old Colorado Hip Hop Coalition, in good hands — with the next generation of high-hop enthusiasts. "By bridging the gap between the artists' community and the greater community by engaging hip-hop artists in the academic careers of the next generation, we have not only identified hip-hop's academic and social value, we have been instrumental in the development of the creative spirit in our community's future," he writes in a goodbye e-mailed to that community today.

"As for myself," continues Campbell (second from the right in the photo seen here), "I have been blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime. I will be relocating to San Francisco to write, record and perform music for a living full time. Everything I have worked for and dreamed about as an artist is beginning to come true. I am living proof that we have the power to determine our own reality."

Campbell's last day at the Colorado High-Hop Coalition office is Friday. He leaves behind a legacy of straight talking (including his view on the city's failed hip-hop summit, recorded here, and its equally ephemeral graffiti festival, noted here) and straight-ahead good work. Work "that is not over," he points out, "it is simply in transformation." -- Patricia Calhoun

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.