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Nancy Pfister: Socialite's murder, bust of ex-doctor and wife continue to shake Aspen

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Aspen is still reeling from the murder of Nancy Pfister, a member of a famous local family and a familiar face in the community's social scene. And equally shocking is the unlikely couple charged with the crime: Longtime Denver doctor William Styler and his wife, Nancy.

The Stylers' arrest hardly puts an end to the investigation, the speculation or the mourning of those touched by Pfister, including her daughter, Juliana, who is only now speaking publicly about her profound loss. Photos, videos and details below.

The Aspen Times has assembled a fine timeline of the case thus far.

The Stylers had been tenants of a home owned by Pfister, whose parents co-founded the Buttermilk ski resort in Aspen. But on February 3, the paper notes that Pfister posted on Facebook that the residence would be available for rent around February 22.

Four days after that, on February 26, a dead woman was found at Pfister's place. The body was in such poor condition that authorities reportedly couldn't immediately confirm it was her.

The investigation rolled forward over the next week, and on March 3, Pitkin County deputies busted the Stylers on suspicion of first-degree murder and related charges.

Authorities haven't detailed a motive at this point, but it appears the Stylers were in financial difficulties despite William's twenty years as a prominent anesthesiologist; he practiced in Denver between 1981 and 2001. The Times documents a legal struggle with an attorney that ended with Styler tasked with paying $610,000 -- a burden that apparently had him on the brink of suicide last year.

Of course, Aspen is hardly a place that's easily accessible to those who are financially destitute -- and Pfister's home, where the Stylers moved last November, is said to have rented for $4,000 a month.

Continue for more about the murder of Nancy Pfister, including additional photos and two videos. In addition, CBS4 reports that Pfister and the Stylers may have planned to go into business together in Aspen before a falling out.

Did these disagreements lead to murder? Was William, who was transported in a wheelchair and looked haggard and drawn during his initial court appearance, physically capable of such an act? Could the Stylers be innocent? And if not, what led to such a tragic conclusion of the relationship?

Such questions are important to Juliana Pfister, no doubt. But first and foremost in her mind is the struggle to deal with the loss of her beloved mother.

Look below to see her share her feelings with CBS4. That's followed by another report from the station -- this one focusing on the Stylers, and the high regard in which they were held by people they knew in Denver.

But first, here are the booking photos of William and Nancy Styler.

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