New tech for media obsessives shows Denver sadly lacking in media heavyweights

One of the great things about the abundance of data floating around the Internet is that really smart people can "keep score" using information ranging from the simple (like numbers of MySpace/Facebook friends or Twitter followers) to the incredibly detailed and esoteric (any website owner worth his salt can tell you how absorbing the wealth of detail available from Google Analytics and other web tracking apps can be). Thanks to these tools, it's possible to track and rank your own life online -- and now we can get that same dirt on lots of media types thanks to Power Grid, an awesome new app from Mediaite, a just-launched site for media obsessives.

Ranking about 1,000 individuals in twelve different categories, the Power Grid aggregates data such as circulation/viewers, "blog buzz," website hits, etc. into one unified ranking. So you can find out who's the bigger TV host, Conan O'Brien or David Letterman (O'Brien, ranked three, over Letterman, at eight -- a pretty healthy margin). Or you can see how your city stacks up -- or doesn't -- against the rest of the nation....

In all twelve categories, Denver only had one recognizable figure in the top twenty -- Phil Anschutz, ranked eighteen among media moguls. That's just two spots behind Hugh Hefner, at number sixteen, but lacks a critical "cool factor." Just missing the top twenty, Denver resident Brian Crecente, former Rocky Mountain News reporter and current editor of Kotaku, one of the world's premiere gaming blogs, came in at number 21 in the newspaper/online editors category, which is not too shabby. Still, if they ever start ranking cities, we'll be lucky to break the top fifty.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.