Nic Gray, local Iraq vet, gets the PBS NewsHour treatment

Just a few months ago, Iraq War veteran Nic Gray came to in a Colorado Springs jail cell, having been charged with crimes he couldn't remember committing. The recent Westword feature "Martial Law" details Gray's troubles -- as well as how a new program called the El Paso County Veterans Court helped get him treatment instead of incarceration.

Now Gray, a well-spoken local entrepreneur, has become a poster boy of sorts for the program and others like it popping up around the country. Case in point: Last night, a PBS NewsHour segment, shown above, used Gray's story to illustrate the veterans-court concept.

To see another video of Gray, this one made for Westword by the digital whizes at ManMade Media, check out the footage below:

Iraq veteran Nic Gray talks to Westword about the night he can't remember. from Manmade Media on Vimeo.


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