Nichols' Worth

John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation, came to Denver last week and gave just a taste of what this city will be like this August, when the whole world will be watching,

Nichols, who spoke at the Central Library as part of the DPL's Fresh City Life program, offered an entertaining overview of challenges to the U.S. Constitution, including Congress's reluctance to use the impeachment mechanism that the Founding Fathers created. "I figure most presidents have something impeachable about them," he said.

The big question right now, of course, is who will be the next president -- impeachable or not."I actually like all three of them," Nichols said of John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. "Obama's gotten a lot of people excited. McCain's gotten a little crochety, but still, he's the most fun of the three."

And then he offered this potential slogan for McCain: "Hey, you kids, get off my lawn."

Come August, the kids will be all over our lawn. Let's hope they can all speak as freely as John Nichols. -- Patricia Calhoun

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