Nicole Ann Anderson accused of slitting throat of boyfriend's dog after it killed her poodle

Any of us who own and love dogs would be heartsick if our pet died -- and probably even more upset if another dog caused its death. But Fort Collins' Nicole Ann Anderson is accused of taking this anger and frustration to lethal extremes.

After her boyfriend's Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix is said to have killed her poodle, Anderson allegedly retaliated by slitting the other dog's throat. Oh yeah: Anderson worked for a hospital.

The Nicole Ann Anderson arrest warrant features an account by Fort Collins Police Detective Bryan Vogel. It reads in part:

On the morning of June 22nd, 2010, Nicole Anderson talked with several of her co-workers at Poudre Valley Hospital about an incident she had with her dogs at home the night before. She told witness Andrew Tafoya, Ashyln Baird, and Diane Morgan about the incident and they completed written statements for law enforcement and spoke with Animal Control Officers. Nicole Anderson told her co-workers that her boyfriend's dog had killed her dog the night before. Anderson had a small poodle, and had her boyfriend's dog, an Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix, at her home while her boyfriend was out of town. After the bigger dog killed Anderson's little dog, Anderson called her sister, and then her ex-husband requesting a gun, however neither person would loan one to her. At that point her ex-husband, Robert Anderson, came over to the home to assist Nicole Anderson. according to Nicole Anderson, Robert Anderson tried to choke the dog, then break the dog's neck, but it resisted, so he held the dog down while Nicole Anderson slit the dog's throat. Nicole Anderson appeared to be emotionally disturbed by the events and kept repeating to her co-workers, "the blood, the blood," and "it didn't go well." She also made the comment to Diane Morgan that "once we got to the trachea, it was easy after that."

Things aren't so easy for Anderson now. She's been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and is due to make her first court appearance in Larimer County this afternoon.

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