No guarantee that David Sirota will be returning to AM 760

In today's blog about AM 760 morning-show host Jay Marvin's continuing health crisis, I note that syndicated columnist David Sirota, who's been filling in for Marvin on most days, will be gone for several weeks on a trip to China. When he returns, however, he's not certain if he'll step back behind the microphone.

Shortly after the publication of the item linked above, Sirota posted one of his own on the AM 760 website -- a letter addressed to the station's listeners. The tone of the missive suggests Sirota's uncertainty about his return to the airwaves, which he confirmed moments ago in an e-mail exchange. "It's not clear yet," he wrote. "Basically, we decided to cross that bridge if/when we get to it, meaning, there's still a hope that Jay could be back by then. So Kris [Olinger, who oversees AM programming for Clear Channel Denver] and I agreed to chat the week I get back to see where the situation is at that point. I get back to the U.S. on 7/8."

If Marvin returns by the second week of July, it'll be nothing short of a miracle. As of yesterday, the best-case scenario called for him to undergo major back surgery in July at the earliest -- and even if he was in tip-top health, recovery from such an operation would be long and arduous. (A friend of my family who underwent a similar procedure is only now beginning to feel up to snuff a year later.) Obviously, bringing back Sirota would be much preferable to running syndicated programming in the morning-drive slot indefinitely -- and he's certainly come through with some strong guests of late. Included among them: Bill Moyers, Rachel Maddow, Noam Chomsky and Bill Ritter, who called in to defend his veto of a bill that would have benefited union firefighters.

Click "Continue" to read Sirota's letter to AM 760 listeners:

Thanks a Ton

KKZN Friends/Family:

Just got to my in-laws house in Lafayette, Indiana, after driving 1,118 miles from Denver in one day. Emily and my dog Monty are doing great -- Monty is staying here, and Emily and I are getting ready to go off to China for our long-planned trip to visit that country with a friend of ours who was in the Peace Corps there.

Before I left, however, I just wanted to express a thank you to all of you for all of your support over the last few months. Jay Marvin's shoes are very big to try to fill -- and I enjoyed doing my best to fill in. Nobody can replace Jay, but I hope the last few months with me at the helm was enjoyable, informative, entertaining -- or, at least tolerable. I did my best to keep it as locally focused and topic-diversified as possible -- something that I think is becoming really rare in radio.

The thing that has sustained me through the last few months has been the audience -- the e-mails, the calls, the instant messages and the feedback has been incredibly helpful in doing the show.

Lots of you have e-mailed me asking me whether I want to have my own radio show. Let me say that while I certainly enjoyed hosting the show the last three and a half months, and while I certainly would be interested in having my own radio show at some point in the future, I'm not sure what the immediate future holds for me in radio. Why? For two obvious reasons: 1) We don't yet know exactly when Jay is coming back and thus there's no indication about whether there will actually be any need/slot for me in the Denver radio market, and 2) I have to see what my book/writing schedule is like when I get back before knowing if I could even continue to fill in on a temporary basis.

None of that, of course, is nearly as important as the bottom line of Jay coming back. Let's all continue to hope and pray for his speedy recovery and return to the mike.

Again, thanks to everyone for all of your support -- and feel free to use the comments section to offer up any feedback/criticism of my work on the radio. The more input the better.

Rock the boat,


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.