Obama bumper sticker shock at Walmart

Stick to it.

Recent polls have suggested that the majority of Walmart shoppers support the presidential aspirations of Republican nominee John McCain and his hockey-mom running mate, Sarah Palin, over those of Dems Barack Obama and Joe Biden. That probably explains the presence this weekend of an Obama volunteer in the parking lot of a south suburban Walmart. My wife and I saw him walking around with a sign reading "FREE OBAMA BUMPER STICKER IF YOU PUT IT ON YOUR CAR NOW." We initially passed him by, since I still have my fair share of Obama memorabilia from the Democratic National Convention -- and besides, I want my gorgeous 1994 Geo Prizm to remain pristine. Upon returning to the car, however, I decided to take a photo of the booster for this very blog -- but we drove around the lot and couldn't find him again. He'd seemingly vanished.

What happened? Did militant McCain-backing Walmarters drag him behind the building and paste him to a dumpster with his own stickers? You got me -- but I do know one thing. He was a brave, brave man. -- Michael Roberts

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