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Obama bumper sticker shock at Walmart

Recent polls have suggested that the majority of Walmart shoppers support the presidential aspirations of Republican nominee John McCain and his hockey-mom running mate, Sarah Palin, over those of Dems Barack Obama and Joe Biden. That probably explains the presence this weekend of an Obama volunteer in the parking lot of a south suburban Walmart. My wife and I saw him walking around with a sign reading "FREE OBAMA BUMPER STICKER IF YOU PUT IT ON YOUR CAR NOW." We initially passed him by, since I still have my fair share of Obama memorabilia from the Democratic National Convention -- and besides, I want my gorgeous 1994 Geo Prizm to remain pristine. Upon returning to the car, however, I decided to take a photo of the booster for this very blog -- but we drove around the lot and couldn't find him again. He'd seemingly vanished.

What happened? Did militant McCain-backing Walmarters drag him behind the building and paste him to a dumpster with his own stickers? You got me -- but I do know one thing. He was a brave, brave man. -- Michael Roberts

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