Occupy Denver Facebook page claims city turned sprinklers on overnight protesters

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After yesterday's meeting between Occupy Denver reps and Michael Hancock, in which the Denver mayor reiterated his opposition to letting protesters camp, relations between the city and the 99 percent are decidedly chilly. And they got even colder overnight, after those braving the temperatures were reportedly doused by sprinklers.

Here's the latest item on the Occupy Denver Facebook page wall, posted sometime after 3 a.m. -- roughly the same time as the tent city was dismantled last Friday morning:

URGENT SUPPLY NEED!: Blankets and warm clothing! The city turned on the sprinklers in 34 degree weather. Help keep our Occupiers safe, healthy, and warm!

Of course, it's possible that the sprinklers had been pre-set, and whoever oversees them forgot to turn them off. But those commenting on the post certainly don't buy this argument. Some examples:

Some of the homeless folks who camp there on a regular basis told me that the city will do that from time to time just to encourage them to move along... what a shame. It would seem that both the city and state have a decided intolerance of and distaste for speech.

No way?! Them bastards :-/

Ah nice, not only are they actively trying to curb free speech but they're doing it through the use of precious fresh water. Says so much. Wish I could help.

Break those sprinklers that we all paid for!

Very typical and oft used tactic in Denver. We are always in a drought but they turn on the sprinklers. Of course the human angle but getting at them by also pointing out their waste of water is another tactic of taking higher ground. I am going to the Denver Water web site right now where you can report water waste.

I'm appalled at the city for doing that! The sprinkler systems should have been blown out and turned off by now. It sure sounds like an obvious (and cruel) ploy by the city to drive you all out of the park. STAY STRONG.

There's no indication this icy greeting has broken the will of demonstrators. Indeed, another Occupy Denver Facebook post notes that uniformed military personnel have joined the protest -- good news, in the view of one commenter, because "police certainly don't want to be photographed arresting people in uniform."

Look below and page down to see photos from the night and early morning when the Occupy Denver tent city came down.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.