Occupy Denver: See photos of our first two profile subjects in police custody

Patricia Hughes had better be careful.

Hughes is the subject of reporter Kelsey Whipple's third Occupy Denver profile of the week. But this morning, our own Brandon Marshall happened to snap photos of Whipple's first two subjects, Corey Donahue and Pat Marsden, in police custody. See them below.

Donahue declined to allow Whipple to photograph him at the Occupy Denver tent city. However, here's a photo of him from our files; it captures him advocating on behalf of marijuana reform.

And here's Marshall's photo of him being arrested this morning: Next, check out Whipple's photo of Marsden: And this image shows him under arrest: A total of 23 people were reportedly arrested at the site. (Update, 2:05 p.m. October 14: The Colorado State Patrol says the CSP arrested 21 people.) What happens to them next? Our Jenn Wohletz received this communique a short time ago:

Attention! The Arraignment of our Occupy Denver brothers and sisters who were arrested last night will be at 1:30pm today at the Jail House, corner of Elati and Colfax. Room 2300. Please come with us to show our solidarity!

We'll continue to cover this developing story. In the meantime, click here to view Marshall's entire Occupy Denver slideshow.

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