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Ollie Eddington's price for trimming four-to-six small branches: $2,200

Ollie Eddington doesn't work cheap -- or at least he didn't before being arrested on charges of theft and wronging at-risk adults. He's accused of outrageously overcharging two elderly Boulder County residents for minor landscaping. How outrageously? Try $2,200 for trimming four-to-six small branches of a tree owned by a 93-year-old woman too afraid not to pay him.

Presumably, Eddington will be making considerably less at his current digs, Boulder County Jail. Get more details from the Boulder County Sheriff's Office release below:

Wrongs to At Risk Adults

On 7/6/2010, Ollie Eddington was arrested on a Longmont Police Department warrant for Wrongs to At-Risk Adults (F3) and Theft ($1,000-$20,000)(F4). On 6/11/2010 Eddington invited himself into the backyard of a 93-year-old female and tried to convince her he was there to repair her roof. When she did not believe him, he told her he could trim her tree. She agreed to allow him to trim the identified trees and after cutting 4-6 small branches he told her she owed him $2,400. She told him that was an outrageous price. He offered to reduce the price and she wrote him a check for $2,200 because she felt scared.

Today an 86-year-old man living in un-incorporated Boulder County reported that he was also a victim of Ollie Eddington. Eddington knocked on the victim's door and offered to clean his gutters for $45.00. Eddington then told the victim he had to have his tree trimmed. After cutting a few low branches on the tree, Eddington told the man he owed him $1045.00. The victim told Eddington that it was an awful lot of money for the work that was done. Eddington told the man that he was getting a bargain and anyone else would have charged much more. The victim stated he should have said no, but that he wrote a check for the full amount. The victim stated that Eddington was on his property for a total time of approximately one hour while he cleaned the gutters, trimmed the trees, and cleaned up the debris.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office arrested Ollie Eddington on 7/7/10 and charged him with Wrongs to At-Risk Adults (F3) and Theft ($1,000-$20,000)(F4).

Eddington is currently on probation in Georgia for exploitation of the elderly. Part of his conditions of probation in Georgia is that he is banned from the state of Georgia except for Echols County and that Eddington does not do any work or invoices for anyone over the age of 70.

Further investigation by both the Longmont Police Department and the Boulder County Sheriff's Office has revealed several more complaints against Ollie Eddington throughout the metro Denver area. Some of the areas currently included are Englewood, Denver and Loveland.

Eddington is being held without bond at the Boulder County Jail.

Anyone with information on further work done by Eddington's business "Tree Guys" or Ollie Eddington should contact Detective Stephen Desmond (Longmont Police) at 303-774-4590 or Detectives Ali Thompson (Boulder County Sheriff's Office) at 303-441-3643 or Detective Randy Wilber (Boulder County Sheriff's Office) at 303-441-3673.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.