Lance Bass was cuckolded by Davis? It's a sad, sad, sad Real World.

Outta Sync

You thought the drama was going to end with The Real World: Denver season? Dream on. According to this TMZ.com tidbit, there's a very good reason why former 'N Sync vocalist Lance Bass ended his "very stable" relationship with Reichen Lehmkuhl on January 29: MTV's own J. Davis Mallory.

Perhaps you know him better as Davis, the token gay roommate on The Real World: Denver?

But the Colorado connections don't end there. Lehmkuhl, who's best-known outside his relationship with Bass for his winning performance in season four of The Amazing Race (with then-partner Chip Arndt), was also a 1996 graduate of the Air Force Academy. He even wrote an autobiography about his experiences dealing with the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" military policy, titled Here's What We'll Say.

Things between Bass and Lehmkuhl were already rocky; they reportedly broke off their relationship December 4, 2006, only to reconcile. Then, after one of Lehmkuhl's promotional booksigning sessions, he allegedly met Davis at Atlanta's Wet Bar and the two of them somehow ended up in Lehmkuhl's hotel room. Oops. When Bass read about the situation online, he called shenanigans and ended things with Lehmkuhl.

No word on how PJ, Davis' boyfriend during the Real World filming, feels about these developments, but Davis himself feels bad; he told Life & Style that he was flabbergasted things "escalated" to the point of no return between Bass and Lehmkuhl. Easy to understand ... I mean, who gets upset when their significant other spends the wee hours of the morning in a hotel room with someone they clearly find sexually attractive?

Exactly. -- Amber Taufen

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.