Over the weekend: Monolith, Beta and -- huh? -- lingerie football

What you missed while you were telling Philip Rivers to shove it ...

Thursday: Yes, we started early here at Westword.com, with Richie Hawtin's DJ set at Beta Nightclub. Cory Casciato reviewed the show, and Uriah West took pictures of the DJ and his fans. Saturday: Yeah, we missed Friday, because we were resting to make up for it on the back end. Saturday started with Jamie Secrest's photo-infiltration of the Foxxy Football league, a lingerie-clad football league that held a training camp in a Denver park. You have to see it to believe it. Actually, you probably still won't believe it. But it's weird enough to give a look. Still, most of our energy Saturday was poured into Monolith, which we live-blogged from the opening act to the headliner, Denver's own DeVotchKa, constantly updating with reviews and photos all day long. Read our Monolith Day 1 live blog, and check westword.com/slideshow for photos. Sunday: We were back at Monolith, live-blogging the shit-smell out of the media tent, which was sadly placed right next to the bathroom. See the slide show page for more photos, and check Backbeat Online for our Monolith Day Two Live Blog.

And start counting: Just five more days till Friday. -- Joe Tone

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