Patrick Steven Jackson, who e-mailed threat about explosives on Steamboat chairlift: Shmuck

There are lots of really bad ways to deal with angry feelings toward someone who breaks your heart. You can spread rumors about STDs, flame them on Facebook, burn their pictures in effigy, sleep with their roommate and leave dog poo at their door. But those will just make you a jerk -- they won't get you arrested.

No, to end up in slammer, you have to follow the lead of a man who e-mailed a threat to Steamboat Ski and Resort, saying there were explosives on a chairlift.

Earlier this week, police accused Patrick Steven Jackson, 25, a former resort employee, of sending that e-mail on January 15. When Steamboat received it, representatives called the Routt County Sheriff's Office, whose staffers called the FBI.


Jackson, who is from California, was arrested and charged with two felonies. "He confessed to everything," Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins told the Steamboat Pilot. "The guy was intoxicated. He was upset about a girlfriend breaking up with him."

Should have just put poo on her doorstep.

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