Peyton Manning (Kinda) Threatens to Kick Jimmy Fallon's Ass on The Tonight Show

To the victors go the spoils — and for your world-champion Denver Broncos, they include star players making appearances on major talk shows.

First, Ellen DeGeneres hosted Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller, who said that his job was to make sure the other guy had a horrible day.

Then, last night, quarterback Peyton Manning appeared on The Tonight Show for what we're pretty sure was good-natured back-and-forth with Jimmy Fallon.

Among the highlights was a spin on a favorite segment called "NFL Superlatives," in which Fallon shared several past gags about Manning.

PFM was described as "Most Likely to Have to Explain to a Rookie What a VCR Was," the "Oldest Van Der Beek" and "Most Likely to Get Sacked and Say 'Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up.'"

In response, Manning offered up several variations for Fallon. Our favorite was payback for Jimmy making fun of both Peyton and his younger brother, Eli Manning. It reads: "Most Likely to Get His Ass Kicked by Two Guys Named Eli and Peyton."

Peyton was joking — we think. Check out the segment below, followed by another clip — "Egg Russian Roulette," in which Peyton doesn't take the prize against a formidable competitor, Magic Johnson.

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