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Von Miller on Ellen: His Job Is to "Make Sure the Other Guy Has a Horrible Day"

Although Von Miller still hasn't gotten a car for being Super Bowl 50 MVP  — come on, John Elway, pony up! — he did get to meet Ellen DeGeneres, who he called "the only one" who picked the Broncos to beat Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers in the big game.

Not quite, but close.

The appearance was recorded in advance but didn't air on the Ellen Show until yesterday, when most of Denver was at the Broncos rally and victory parade — and for fans of Miller time, it's must viewing.

The highlights include DeGeneres saying, "I love Cam...but you really tore him apart," to which Miller replied, "That's my job — to make sure the other guy has a horrible day."

In addition, Miller followed a joke about Denver QB Peyton Manning's advancing years "("I think he had to rush out to do a Life Alert emergency") with a prediction that the veteran hurler won't retire, despite pleas from plenty of folks, including us, to ride off into the sunset as a champion. In his words, "I don't think he's going to retire. He still has the physical ability and the mental ability to go out there and be great."

He also had this to say about his contractual situation: "I want to stay with the Broncos for fifteen or twenty years. But money talks, right?"

Let's hope that money will talk him into playing in the Mile High City for a long time to come. Here's the Ellen segment.

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