Peyton Manning reportedly staying in Mike Shanahan's old Cherry Hills Village house

Mike Shanahan hasn't been the coach of the Denver Broncos for several years now -- but he's got a connection to the current Broncos squad. New QB Peyton Manning is reportedly staying in Big Mike's massive Cherry Hills Village spread.

During the construction phase, the 35,000 square foot mansion's accoutrements were said to include a bowling alley and lounge, a poker room, a video-golf room, a racquetball court and a the basement alone. Other items in the blueprint included four bedrooms, six fireplaces, a guest house, a so-called "wine residence," a swimming pool, two bridges and a garage bigger (3,600 square feet) than my entire house.

The abode wasn't quite finished when Shanahan got the sack from Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, who -- awkward! -- just happened to be his next-door neighbor. But that didn't stop Rocky Mountain News writer Mary Winter from piling on. She described the size of Shanahan's place as "immoral."

If so, Manning is presently enjoying said immorality -- but only temporarily, as he's said to be house-hunting. But maybe he'll discover he likes the digs well enough to keep them. After all, he's got $95 million in mad money to spend.

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