Photo: Missy Franklin and Justin Bieber, together again for the first time

While homegrown Olympic heroine Missy Franklin won lotsa hardware in London, she may have landed her biggest prize last night, when she finally got to meet Justin Bieber, who killed her with a tweet last July. And even though he looks sorta stoned in their photo backstage at his sold-out Pepsi Center show -- perhaps because he followed our five tips for getting blunted in Denver -- there's no weed in sight in the pic, seen full size below.

Her reply was even more effusive, and nearly fatal:

Of course, Franklin continued to collect baubles after that, and during an interview with Bob Costas, she learned that Bieber had promised they'd meet. This pledge was kept last night, as Franklin confirmed on her Twitter feed.

Here's the accompanying photo:

As you can see, Justin looks a little blunted, even though he's not holding the sort of "cigarette" captured in the following TMZ image: Still, we're confident Missy is still sailing on a genuine (and natural) high.

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