Photos: 7 best-dressed (and undressed) fans at Colorado Rockies home opener

In their 2012 home opener, the Colorado Rockies got their ass kicked 7-0 by the San Francisco Giants -- something that's probably going to happen a lot this season. But the grim outlook didn't stop Rockies fans from putting on their best gear and enjoying a glorious day for baseball.

Look below to count down our seven favorites (including one especially cheeky attendee) in photos by Javid Rezvani.

7. Darth Rocky A classic look. If only it didn't remind us of the Raiders.... 6. Purple Pedal Power Nice color-coordinating with your ride, dude. 5. Picture Perfect Good thing it wasn't windy.... 4. Mardi Gras, Colorado-Style Unfortunately, the Rockies' defense was like those fishnets -- lots of holes. Page down to see our top three best-dressed fans at the Rockies home opener. 3. Shades of Victory Good idea to look at the Rockies' loss through purple-tinted glasses. 2. Manning Up Attaway to pick a winner! 1. Hit the Showers! There's a special bonus when you dress like this, kids -- an escort home. Score!

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