Photos: Five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes

On Valentine's Day, professional ballers have a big job -- impressing spouses or lovers who sometimes get as much attention as they do...at least from the website PlayerWives.com. The significant others of numerous Colorado jocks are highlighted on the site, but we're focusing on five, including one former GF and an athlete who's listed as someone else's main squeeze, perhaps prematurely -- although we don't think so. Count them down below. Number 5: Nikki Childs (Knowshon Moreno) Here's the first paragraph of the PlayerWives.com piece on Broncos running back Moreno:

Coming out of college, Knowshon Moreno was a pretty big deal. He was coming off an impressive collegiate career at Georgia and was drafted by the Broncos, who just seem to churn out 1,000 yard running backs like it's...well...like it's something that is pretty easy to do. But after two lackluster seasons and wasted talent, he lost the starter's job to Willis McGahee. Maybe this is why it's not clear if Knowshon Moreno's girlfriend Nikki Childs is still with him?

Childs also attended the University of Georgia, where she was an excellent gymnast. Here's a video of her showing off her stuff.

As for the site's question about whether she and Moreno are still together, we have a pretty good sense they're not -- at least judging by her Facebook page, which lists her as Nikki Childs Montgomery and sports lotsa wedding photos co-starring a guy whose last name isn't Moreno. Better luck next time, Knowshon.

Continue counting down our five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes. Number 4: Ashley Manning (Peyton Manning) Nothing against Peyton's better half, but it's kinda weird seeing her included on PlayerWives.com, especially given this 2011 update to the site's Ashley entry:

The Marion County Health Department confirmed that Peyton and Ashley Manning are the proud parents of twins. According to birth certificates on file, Peyton Manning's twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, are just over two weeks old, born on March 31. Philadelphia, Miss. newspaper The Neshoba Democrat, the hometown newspaper of Peyton Manning's mother Olivia, broke the story a few days after delivery.

Then again, mothers of twins can be ogling objects, too.... Continue counting down our five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes. Number 3: Paige Green (John Elway) We're sure Green is a true-orange Broncos fan by now, but she didn't start out this way, as her PlayerWives.com item points out:

Former Denver Broncos Quarterback and current Executive Vice President John Elway's wife Paige Green is a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader. Elway was formerly married to Janet Elway but the couple were divorced in 2003 after being married for eighteen years. John and Paige first met at a golf tournament in 2005, just two years after Elway's divorce.

A Raiders cheerleader, John? Isn't that like sleeping with the enemy? Or was she a double agent? Continue counting down our five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes. Number 2: Lindsey Vonn (Tiger Woods?): Here's another exception to the rule: Vonn is listed as non-Coloradan Tiger Woods's significant other rather than the other way around, even though she's every bit as formidable in her sport (skiing) as he is when it comes to golf -- maybe more so before she wiped out so badly at the world championships in Europe earlier this month that she had to fly back to Vail for surgery. Her mode of transportation got the PlayerWives.com folks thinking....

Looks like using the phrase Tiger Woods' girlfriend Lindsey Vonn is a lot more feasible than a week ago.

After suffering a serious knee injury in Austria, Lindsey Vonn was spotted boarding Tiger Woods private jet for a flight home to the States. I can't really come up with a ton of reasons someone would send their private jet to Austria unless there was a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Let's keep an eye to see this one unfold. I'm predicting Lindsey make an appearance in Augusta come April...

Fun fact number one: Vonn has a second listing on PlayerWives.com -- as Tim Tebow's girlfriend (which she denied ever being). Fun fact number two: Also listed as Tebow's girlfriend is Taylor Swift.

Continue counting down our five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes. Number 1: Jesse James (Eric Decker) Yes, James is spectacular; last year, she topped the PlayerWives.com hotness roster. And as seen in our post featuring her engagement photos with Broncos receiver Decker, the two of them together are so gorgeous that they practically violate the laws of science. Not that she didn't try out a few other contenders before committing to him, as PlayerWives.com points out:

Breakout Broncos WR Eric Decker has himself a famous smokeshow of a girlfriend in Jessie James (or Jessica James at times too). Jessie James is a country singer with moderate success on the Billboard Charts, seeing her first album hit #40 on the Top 200 (though her second album did not rank at any time). She's not afraid of hooking up with a celeb as she has previously been romantically linked to Jay Cutler, John Mayer and Reggie Bush.

She used to go out with Sweet Baby Jay Cutler? She's definitely traded up. Happy Valentine's Day!

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