Photos: Inside Denver's WikiSexGuide describes itself as "the world's largest sex travel site, enabling travelers to plan and book the perfect trip."

Among its features: user reviews and ratings of "adult places."

The site's page for Denver has some listings that aren't particularly up to date. Note that its section on swingers clubs still includes Sugar House, which closed several years ago and is now POTUS Club, a marijuana-related venue that was raided by Denver police on 4/20 weekend.

But there's plenty of interesting information on a wide variety of sexual topics that may be of interest to tourists. Subjects include prostitution, erotic massage parlors, safety and — yes, it's true — altitude sickness.

Does it seem accurate to you? Decide for yourself by checking out the photo-illustrated excerpts below — and to visit the page for much more information, click here.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Colorado has become the first state to adopt regulations for recreational marijuana businesses. You can now buy weed legally, but prostitution is still illegal.

Red Light Districts

There is no Red-light district in Denver. You have to fly to Amsterdam or Frankfurt to experience real Red-light districts

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

For several years, vice cops from the Denver and Aurora police departments have been waging a much-publicized war on prostitution along Colfax, concentrating on the East Montclair neighborhood that straddles the cities' borders. They've hauled in prostitutes, conducted numerous undercover stings, closed down motels that catered to the trade, worked closely with neighborhood groups keen on removing the scum from their front steps, and even arranged to publish the names and photos of the prostitutes' customers in community newspapers.

Street Hookers

There’s been a decrease in the prevalence of street-level prostitution because of the Internet advertising. There are both domestic and foreign nationals working on the streets of Denver.

Denver streetwalkers typically charge $20-$40 for oral and $40-$60 for a half-and-half. Higher-quality prostitutes charge $40-$60 for oral and between $60 and $100 for a sex in the car.

Street Prostitution Areas in Denver

• Colfax Ave.: The Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora police are always running stings on Colfax Avenue. But most of the prostitution action is in here. There can be both female and male street level prostitutes.
• Capitol Hill neighborhood
• Broadway
• Mississippi Ave
• Federal Blvd
• West Alameda Ave
• Blake St
• S Abilene St, Aurora

Erotic Massage Parlors

Granted, every city has the massage parlour that’s known for a little tug and pull and possibly a bit more. If you’ve ever been to one, you know the routine but if you don’t, here’s the rundown.

When you enter, some parlors have the ladies lounging around in a common area or living room. Most of the girls are from South Korea, Japan, the Philippines or China. There’s sometimes a white girls or Mexicans in the mix also. The owner introduces the girls that are working. She’ll guide you to the back of the studio and lead you to a room with a bed, where she’ll ask for the house fee. This usually runs $40 to $80. If there’s no common area, each lady will come in and introduce herself.

If you don’t see anyone that interests you, feel free to leave. The owners are usually polite and accommodating, for the most part, and if you’ve paid the house fee they’ll refund it.

If you see someone that interests you, she’ll come in and you talk what happens from there.

Suffice to say that the more generous you are with the tip, the more generous she’ll be with the time you spend together.

Transsexuals / Shemales

You can find Shemale streetwalkers from same areas where regular hookers work. Also internet is full of t-girl prostitutes who are ready to have sex for $150-$250 for one hour.


If you are interested on BDSM, you should check out the private club called The Denver Sanctuary. They host private parties, events and place has a fully equipped dungeon. The Denver Sanctuary is close to downtown off of I-25 for safety related issues they do not disclose their exact address so you need contact Slave Love at Tel:+17204433703

There are also some groups who gather together and many Denver escorts also do role plays and other BDSM fetish things.

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