Photos: Missy Franklin only wins six of possible eight golds at World Championships -- slacker!

Just about a year ago, Colorado's own Missy Franklin was capturing the sporting world's imagination (and Justin Bieber's attention) via an astonishing performance at the 2012 Olympics. And she hasn't exactly lost her touch since then.

Far from it: In London, Franklin brought home four golds and one bronze medal -- but in the just-concluded World Championships in Spain, she earned six baubles, all of them gold. Details and photos from Franklin's Twitter account and more below.

On July 26, Franklin was already in the spotlight, as depicted and described in this Twitter photo from teammate Dana Vollmer:

The accompanying tweet reads: "@danavollmer Dana Vollmer 26 Jul Finished the USA Press Conference! Now @FranklinMissy and I have the day to relax!! Missy looks ready for a nap :) pic.twitter.com/vbInRpxJEr

And then came the actual competitions. Franklin signed up for eight events, but eventually dropped out of 50 backstroke, and finished a mere fourth in the 100 freestyle. But in the other six races, including longer-distance backstroke challenges, she either touched the wall first or, in relays, was part of the U.S. squad that did likewise.

Typically, her post-event tweet about her accomplishments, which set a record for most golds by a female athlete in a single world championship, was modest to a fault. It reads:

Will Franklin retain these form all the way to the next Olympics? That's a question for another day -- but at this point, there's no reason to believe otherwise.

Look below to see other photos from Franklin's assorted social media platforms, followed by two videos of her golden accomplishments at the World Championships.

Continue for more photos and videos of Missy Franklin after her triumph at the World Championships. Continue for more photos and videos of Missy Franklin after her triumph at the World Championships.

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