Photos: Nine Reasons HotPads Says You Should Move to Denver

There are no shortage of

reasons to move to Denver

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demonstrate. But for the most part, the suggestions floated by


are at least a little bit unusual, blending many of the Mile High City's cultural and economic qualities with the beautiful location in which it's set. See what we mean by counting down HotPads' Denver top nine, featuring photos and excerpts from site text. To see the original item,

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Number 9: Beer Denver has long been hailed as one of the best beer cities in America, thanks to its disproportionate concentration of breweries and microbreweries.

A few downtown standouts: Wynkoop Brewery, Breckenridge Brewery, Great Divide Brewery, Blue Moon Brewery, Falling Rock Taphouse, Renegade Brewing, Denver Beer Company, Denver Chophouse and Brewery, and Rock Bottom Brewery. Whoa, just writing the list makes us thirsty!...

Number 8: Culture Okay, Denver's not exactly the cultural mecca of the U.S., but don't write it off completely. From the Colorado Symphony Orchestra to the Denver Art Museum to the Denver Performing Arts Complex (where touring Broadway shows like The Lion King and Book of Mormon please the crowds), the Mile-High City offers its fair share of cultural attractions.... Number 7: Plenty of Weekend Getaways Denver is one of the most chill-out cities in the country. But if the adventurer in you wants to head to the mountains for some skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing or white-water rafting, it's no problem.... Continue to keep counting down the nine reasons HotPads says you should move to Denver. Number 6: International Airport Thanks to its convenient location in the center of the country, Denver is the fifth-busiest airport in the world (based on aircraft movements). It's the main hub for Frontier Airlines, as well as a hub for United Airlines and Southwest.... Number 5: High Employment Possibilities; Growing Tech and Startup Scene Looking for a job in the startup scene? Nearby Boulder has developed a reputation as a tech hotspot. It's not quite on par with San Francisco or New York, of course, but at least as a competitor with Chicago and Las Vegas.

Not to be outdone, the LoDo (lower downtown) district in Denver has recently begun fueling a tech scene of its own. If you want to be an "early adopter," Denver might be your spot....

Continue to keep counting down the nine reasons HotPads says you should move to Denver. Number 4: Low Cost of Living Compared to many other major metro areas, Denver offers a low cost of living. Median rent is $742 per month, according to HotPads research, a steal compared to the median rent of $1,332 in San Francisco or $1,043 in Washington D.C.... Number 3: Ease of Living Not to over-emphasize the benefits of ultra-low humidity, but there are many pluses: Your hair doesn't get frizzy; your pets (usually) don't get fleas; and you don't often need to deal with blowing leaves, ousting termites, pulling weeds, clearing gutters or fighting mold. Why? It's a semi-arid climate. (Imagine a mild desert.)... Continue to keep counting down the nine reasons HotPads says you should move to Denver. Number 2: Star Gazing Those same factors -- a desert climate that doesn't keep moisture or humidity in the air, coupled with high elevation -- also result in mind-blowing views of the stars at night.... Number 1: Amazing Blue Skies Thanks to Denver's elevation (one mile above sea level) and high-desert climate, the skies above the city feature some of the clearest and most vivid blue hues in the country....

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