Photos of the Day: Broncos newspaper fails

Particularly during dark times (like the Josh McDaniels era), Broncos fans have been accused of living in the past. But that's nothing compared to the guy who wrote the headline for a story about last night's Broncos' win over the Ravens for the Columbus Dispatch. Rather than applauding Peyton Manning for throwing seven touchdowns in the contest , a photo shared by Twitter user Rhonda Dixon shows the paper gave credit to John Elway -- who was at the game, sure, but clad in street clothes, not a uniform. But at least the headline scribe got the number of touchdowns right, unlike the print edition of the Denver Post, as you can see by the additional images below.

Here's an above-the-fold look at the Post's sports-page opener:

As you can see, the subhed references "six TD passes in less than a full game," implying that the edition was put to bed before the game was over. And indeed, that's clear from other references on page one of the section, including this by-the-numbers box.... ...and this reference to a score of 42-24 in the body of the main article (the final was 49-27).... well as the headline of Mark Kiszla's column, which plays off the wrong number: What makes this even more embarrassing is the fact that the game wasn't all that late. A lightning storm pushed back the start time by just over half an hour, resulting in the contest concluding a little before 11 p.m., if memory serves. No doubt that's after the usual print deadline, but papers can extend that time for a big story -- and the Broncos kicking ass against the Super Bowl champion Ravens during the first NFL game of the 2013 season would certainly seem to qualify. After all, Broncos coverage is one of the major economic engines driving the Post.

The Post doesn't need to give subscribers more reasons to stop paying for the print edition, but this morning, it provided them with at least six...or was it seven?

Update: A Denver Post source unhappy with the criticism in this item makes the point that multiple editions of today's paper were published, and not all of them feature incomplete information about the Broncos game and Peyton Manning's seven-touchdown-pass performance. Here, for instance, is an image from the three-star edition, featuring the actual final score, 49-27:

Guess that makes those of us who received a copy ballyhooing six TD passes at the point in the game when the score was 42-24 should feel extra-special. We've got a collector's item!

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