Photos: RTD bus accident kills car's driver at Mississippi and Platte River

In most cases, crashes involving RTD buses take place during busy commuting hours. But that's not the case with an accident that happened near the intersection of Mississippi and Platte River Drive.

A bus struck a passenger vehicle during the wee hours, when traffic is typically very light.

And the results are tragic: The driver of the car was killed by the impact.

This is what we know so far.

Here's the first tweet from the Denver Police Department. The time stamp is 2:13 a.m.

Not long thereafter, reporters with local media operations were on the scene, including Noel Brennan of 9News. Here's one of the photos he tweeted.... well as a second, accompanied by a particularly gruesome factoid.

In addition, a CBS4 rep shared this photo of the other vehicle involved, and the terrible damage it sustained:

The bus driver was not injured in the crash, and no passengers were on board, since the bus was bound for RTD's transportation center at the time. An RTD representative at the site has reportedly confirmed that the driver will undergo drug and alcohol testing -- standard procedure in incidents like these.

At this point, there's no information to indicate who was responsible for the accident. Expect a detailed investigation, particularly given the sad results. In the meantime, the DPD has just confirmed that the intersection is open once again.

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