Photos: Shaun Tobelmann ID'd as gunman in police standoff at 12th and Grant

Update: The Denver Police Department has now named the man accused of prompting an hours-long standoff near 12th and Grant beginning early this morning; see our previous coverage below. He's Shaun Michael Tobelmann, age 34. He was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault and discharge of a weapon -- which he allegedly did plenty of times before being cuffed. Here are additional details.

Original post, 9:58 a.m. February 21: Denver police and a disturbed gunman engaged in a long standoff near 12th and Grant today. The incident began in the early morning hours and stretched into the snowy morning commute, with sporadic gunfire and the dispersal of chemical agents taking place prior to the suspect being taken into custody -- a process documented on the DPD's Twitter account. Tweets, photos and video below.

According to 9News, police received what they describe as a "suicidal party" call just past 2 a.m. this morning. But if the individual in question initially intended to harm himself, the situation soon mutated into a dangerous one for others in the vicinity. He was reportedly on an upper floor and firing down toward the street level in the midst of snowfall, further complicating the police response.

Here's the first Denver police tweet, sent out shortly after the standoff started.

The following message quickly followed.

As a result of the flying lead, residents of the gunman's apartment building were evacuated. Meanwhile, the police tried to make sure that no more people were put in harm's way, as indicated by this tweet, underscored by a photo....

...and an even more emphatic, caps-heavy statement.

An hour or more into the siege, police gave Twitter followers an indication of the next tactic.

No confirmation at this writing about the chemical agent in question, but tear gas is a likely possibility. Still, resolution was still a ways off, as indicated by this tweet and accompanying photo....

...plus another behind-the-scenes image.

Finally, at around 6 a.m., this message was sent.

Clearing the scene took some time, however. It wasn't until approximately 9 a.m. that officers were able to tweet this:

The individual in question has not been identified thus far, and there's been no indication about possible charges against him. Learn more in this 9News clip.

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