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Photos: Sydney Spies and mother busted in party case mom calls "BS"

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In June, Durango's Sydney Spies, whose protests after her yearbook photo was deemed too sexy landed her on the Today show, made it clear she was ready for her close-up: She's featured in a Syfy Channel movie slated to air soon. But it's highly unlikely she expected the next photo of her to go viral would be a mug shot -- a result of a weekend party bust in which her mom, Miki Spies, was also arrested. Miki calls the incident "BS."

As we've reported, the Durango High School yearbook rejected the first photo Sydney submitted. Here's a look at that shot.

The reported rationale? The image was nixed because it violated the school dress code, which calls for tops that "fully cover the chest, back, abdomen and sides of the student."

Due to this response, Spies turned in a second shot:

This one was also a no-go, Miki told us several months back. In her words, "The editors said they wanted to maintain their award-winning status, and they felt it wasn't professional."

Miki didn't specify the third photo she submitted from a shoot posted online by the photography shop in question, Thru the Lens Fine Portraits; see more samples below. But she confirmed that it was another "model-type photo" -- one that she felt would only receive a thumbs-down if the yearbook editors were "scrutinizing it too much." And apparently they did, because they eventually opted for an image snapped for her ID card, over her objections. Here's a photo shared by Miki that shows the image as it appears on the yearbook page alongside other senior pics.

When we spoke to Sydney in June, she recounted some online bullying she suffered in the wake of her sudden celebrity, as well as other encounters that led her to finish school early and skip the graduation ceremony. But the attention she received also gave her an opportunity to launch an acting career. After one of her TV appearances, "the head of the Syfy network said he wanted me to be in a movie," Sydney told us. "So they got hold of me and my mom and flew me out to Louisiana" to play a part in a horror flick called Final Initiation -- although its Internet Movie Database listing uses the title American Horror House. "It was pretty short notice, but really fun."

Miki revealed that Sydney plays a sorority girl in the flick, which is tentatively slated to air on Halloween, adding that the producer was impressed with her skills, calling her "solid as an actor." But beyond pointing out that Final Initiation/American Horror House features the likes of Alessandra Torresani, of Caprica fame, and veteran bombshell Morgan Fairchild, Sydney kept other details to herself, including whether her character (dubbed "Missy" on the IMDB page) gets out of the movie alive. "All my friends are asking that," she said, laughing. "And I'm like, 'I'm sorry! I can't tell you.'"

Miki also said Sydney would be filming "an after-school type movie" over the summer, after which she planned to move to Los Angeles and attend acting school. But both of them were in Durango this past weekend, when local police came calling.

According to the Durango Herald, cops arrived at the Spies residence at around 11:20 p.m. on Sunday to find a party in progress, with a number of those consuming beer from a backyard keg and assorted liquor bottles allegedly underage. Some attendees reportedly jumped the back fence and fled.

Miki is said to have been on the scene, too, but police dubbed her uncooperative, saying she refused to identify herself and tried to "herd the crowd of partygoers into her house," the report maintains. The article adds: "Police attempted to detain her for questioning, but she 'broke into a full sprint for her front door,'" prompting a chase that ended inside the house, where she tried to slam her bedroom door in pursuing cops' faces.

As for Sydney, she's accused of attempted to prevent one officer from going into the house, pulling and tugging on others when they tried to cuff her, making an unsuccessful effort to escape from a police cruiser and "nearly" kicking a cop in the groin.

These alleged actions netted Sydney an obstructing-a-police-officer count, while Miki was busted on suspicion of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest.

By the way, the Herald also reveals a previous Miki arrest on suspicion of trespassing, resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer. In June, she supposedly was making too much noise on a church playground early in the morning and then refused to leave. She's said to have cursed at officers and claimed that she was being hassled because she's a lesbian.

We've got calls in to both Sydney and Miki. When and if they get back to us, we'll update this post. But yesterday, Miki shared this statement on her Facebook page: "I just love being targeted. What a bunch of BS."

Here are the mug shots of Sydney and Miki, followed by pics from Sydney's famous photo gallery.

Page down to see more photos from the Thru the Lens shoot. Page down to see more photos from the Thru the Lens shoot. Page down to see more photos from the Thru the Lens shoot. Page down to see more photos from the Thru the Lens shoot. Page down to see more photos from the Thru the Lens shoot.

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