Photos: Ten biggest Hollywood movie misses filmed in Colorado

We've been surveying Hollywood's relationship with our fair state via picks for the ten best movies filmed in Colorado, plus ten memorable movies set in Colorado but not filmed here and the ten most awesomely cheesy Colorado movies. Today, it's the ten biggest Hollywood movie misses shot in Colorado -- flicks touted by FilmInColorado.com from big studios or featuring major stars that failed to connect at the box office, usually because they were mediocre or worse. Below, count down our top ten, complete with posters and film-office descriptions. Number 10: Catch & Release (2006) Filming location: Boulder -- Pearl Street Mall

Film office description: "Jennifer Garner stars as a woman whose husband dies unexpectedly and must piece her life back together with the help of her friends. Along the way she gets to know her husband's childhood friend Fritz, a womanizer, but as she gets to know Fritz more and more, she finds herself strangely falling for him. Starring: Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant and Kevin Smith."

Number 9: Flashback (1990) Filming locations: Denver, Glenwood Springs

Film office description: "John Buckner is an FBI agent who brings Huey Walker to jail for crimes committed in the 60's. But when Walker tricks Buckner on a train, the pair fall into the hands of refugees who they must escape from together."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the ten biggest Hollywood movie misses filmed in Colorado. Number 8: The Fan (1996) Filming location: Denver -- Coors Field

Film office description: "When Bobby Rayburn (Wesley Snipes) joins the San Francisco Giants, his obsessive fan (Robert DeNiro) is thrilled. But when Rayburn plays the worst season of his baseball career, his life soon takes a turn for the worse when his fan attempts to help him."

Number 7: Over the Top (1987) Filming location: Ouray

Film office description: "Sylvester Stallone stars as Lincoln Hawk, a trucker who attempts to amend his relationship with his estranged teenage son after his mother dies. Together the pair embark on a journey across the United States to Las Vegas, where Hawk signs up to be a part of an arm wrestling competition with very high stakes."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the ten biggest Hollywood movie misses filmed in Colorado. Number 6: Fast Food Nation (2006) Filming location: Colorado Springs

Film office description: "As the marketing director of Mickey's fast food restaurant chain's, Don Anderson goes to a slaughterhouse in Colorado in order to examine the accusation that there is cow feces in his burgers. Through his investigation he discovers how corrupt the fast food industry really can be. Stars: Greg Kinnear, Bruce Willis."

Number 5: Nurse Betty (2000) Filming location: Durango

Film office description: "Renee Zellweger stars as a waitress who becomes delusional after seeing her husband murdered. She starts to believe that she is the former fiance of a soap opera star and goes to LA to find him. As she makes her journey her husband's murderer's pursue her, and Morgan Freeman joins in tracking her down. Starring: Renée Zellweger, Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the ten biggest Hollywood movie misses filmed in Colorado. Number 4: Resurrecting the Champ (2007) Filming locations: Denver -- Denver Colesium, Elway's Restaurant

Film office description: "A young sports reporter (Josh Hartnett) helps a homeless man (Samuel L. Jackson) and discovers that he was a former heavy weight boxer with the nickname 'Champ.' The reporter tries to bring Champ's story to light as he also examines his own life and his relationship with his family."

Number 3: The Lucky Ones (2008) Filming locations: Denver, Grand Junction

Film office description: "This tale follows three Iraqi War veterans who return to the United States and embark on a road trip across the country. As the former soldiers bond, they also learn about themselves and the many obstacles that await them now that they've returned to their former lives. Dir: Neil Burger - With: Rachel McAdams and Tim Robbins."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the ten biggest Hollywood movie misses filmed in Colorado. Number 2: Ladybugs (1992) Filming locations: Denver, Littleton

Film office description: "In order to impress his boss and move upward in his company, Chester Lee (Rodney Dangerfield) decides to coach his employee daughters soccer team. He uses his fiance's son in order to ensure the success of his new soccer team."

Number 1: Imagine That! (2009) Filming location: Denver

Film office description: "Eddie Murphy stars as a corporate executive who is at the end of his rope until his young daughter's imaginary world provides him with the inspiration he needs to manage his career woes. With Eddie Murphy and Thomas Haden Church."

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