Photos: Ten more unsolved Colorado murders and victims' personal stories

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Robert Zajac
Robert Zajac (Zy-us), 23, played Little League baseball as he grew up, but there is no doubt that his favorite sport was bowling. He started bowling with his dad and his brother, Jeffrey, when he was 9 or 10. After high school Robert worked at King Soopers for a few years. He would often hold down two jobs, working at AMF Lanes in Highlands Ranch and driving for Domino's. But most of his friends were at Broadway Bowl in Littleton according to his dad, Roy Zajac. It was difficult for Robert after he split up with his long-time girl friend. But he was getting his life back together and had a job lined up with CDOT. Robert enjoyed the mountains and liked to go up to his grandmother's cabin north of Deckers. On Jan. 27, 2002, in the office of Broadway Bowl, three people were gunned down in an apparent robbery: Jim Springer, 29, Erin Golla, 26, and Robert. Springer and Golla were closing the alley for the night, and Robert was waiting for a ride home. If you have any information about this crime, please call Littleton Police Department Detectives Hoffman or Baca at 303-795-3890.
Amber Bullington
Amber N. Bullington, 18, was a good kid who didn't smoke or drink. She lived in Longmont with her dad, Allen. He said she loved music and was real artistic. Amber had 2 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit, Cocoa, that she loved dearly. During her school years, Amber played the flute, was active in Girl Scouts and was an honor student. For her senior year she switched to Skyline H.S. and graduated. Amber loved her car, an Eagle Talon, and enjoyed shopping for clothes. She was an avid Broncos fan. Amber held three jobs, but was most excited about her work at Bank One because it offered to pay 80% of her tuition to college. Amber was trying to break off an abusive relationship with Lorenzo "Cheeto" Hidalgo, a boy she had met at Skyline. He had assaulted her and threatened her on several occasions. On Feb 6, 2000, she was found shot to death in her locked car in front of Hidalgo's house. He was arrested on other charges. Her death has been ruled a suicide. Police cleared Hidalgo.
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