Photos: Top ten Denver Craigslist Missed Connections over Valentine's Day weekend

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Number 6: "The beautiful love spawn of Aphrodite and Rocky Dennis"
Redhead Sputnik bartender. I might be in love. -- m4w (Sputnik) Me -- a shy bar patron who was too afraid to talk to you so I made sure to order from the hairy man (possibly your uncle) you were working with

You -- the beautiful love spawn of Aphrodite and Rocky Dennis.

The way you clomp around behind the bar is perfectly bovine and don't think I didn't notice you eyeing me while you flirted with the guys who work in the kitchen. If kitchen guys are your kink we can make this happen, i know Virg. I've never seen someone as beautiful as you, your winglike triceps flapping like those of an angel as you poured shot after shot of well vodka for yourself.

Please find this and reply, i think we could have something real. At least let me take you out to dinner, I'll take you anywhere you want (as long as you pay half), and if you ever want to help me organize my photocopied coupon collection I'd gladly share my falafel Israeli with you. Maybe your not into love, or maybe not ready, but girl, I'd tounguepunch that doodoopuss.

-<3 sleepless in south Denver.
Number 5: Drinks and ink
Bartender on Sante Fe -- m4m (Denver) Dude you are so hot. We had a connection, I could feel it. You were my bartender and you bought me a shot. Tell what I said when you told me something. Describe your tats to me so I know it it you. You name starts with R.
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