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Photos: Top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder

We love us some Urban Dictionary, in part because it features plenty of unusual definitions for words we thought we knew pretty damn well -- like, for instance, "Colorado" and "Denver."

Our latest collection, featuring original (and unedited) definitions we've photo-illustrated, features words inspired by CU-Boulder, from "Penalty Shotgun" (it doesn't involve hockey) to "Purple Dick" (the art for that one, on the post's last page, is sorta NSFW). Increase your word power, and your laughter, below.

"Penalty Shotgun"

A term stemming from a CU Boulder student's frustration with unpunished party fowls.

Anyone who commits a party fowl is required to get on one knee and shotgun a beer without delay. Any beer will do, but the cheaper/shittier the better. This is the only acceptable action to make up for spilling beer, not finishing a shot, or other fowls designated by the providers of the liquor and/or head(s) of the house/venue.

Self-administered penalty shotguns are not only acceptable but encouraged. Refusal of a penalty shotgun results in immediate removal from the party and well deserved embarrassment

A freshman walks into your party asks for a shot of Takaa Liquor (vodka or gin) and fails to take the entire shot:

"Ohhhh, you bitch! Penalty shotgun, right here ladies and gentlemen, he can't even finish a single shot! Someone get me a Keystone Light right now! Ok, take a knee you cocksucker, this is your one and only chance for redemption"


Marijuana Deals Near You

Half man, half girl. Can drink as much as a college boy, but still has female sex appeal. The most notorious MERL, rumoured to be named 'Noor', attends the University of Colorado at Boulder and can be spotted at the bars on a daily basis on the prowl. Though there is no actual documentation of this MERL, many have claimed to have spotted her on several occasions. Use caution in the presence of a MERL.

"God I love being half man, half girl"

"MERL, you probably shouldn't say that in public anymore"

"MERL you are the coolest 'guy' in the house"

Continue for more of our top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder. "Shittredge"

A term used by students at the University of Colorado at Boulder to describe facilities in the southern Kitteredge area. Known for its poor food at "Shittredge" Dining Hall, the long walks to main campus, and the pretty pond in the center that makes the entire compound smell like raw sewage in the spring and summer. Generally considered the poorest conditions at CU Boulder.

Includes the Andrews, Arnett, Kittredge, Buckingham, and Smith Dorms, Wolf Law, Kitteredge Commons, and the now abandoned law building.

"Hey, do you want to get pizza for dinner, or are we just going to eat at Shittredge?"

"Shittredge sucks, the only benefit we have is we're fucking closer to Taco Bell."

"Trust Fund Hippie"

"Rich hippies"

Mostly found attending The University of Colorado Boulder, youths who are classified as hippies yet have extremely large amounts of money. They smoke weed, sport tie dye, and express ideas of world peace and love while living in exceptional homes and dining on organic caviar etc.

Only a trust fund hippie would light up to Bob Marley in his beamer.

Continue for more of our top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder. "Boulder Weed"

Known from coast to coast as the finest cannabis in the US. Grown, usually by either hippies or CU students in Boulder, Colorado. Apparently, the altitude has something to do with it. Comparable to BC bud.

Denver guy: 'Hit this.'

BC guy: *hits the pipe*

BC guy: 'that is some fine bud you have there, my american friend. wherever did you acquire such potent ganja?'

Denver guy: 'it's boulder weed. a guy on my friend's floor at CU grows it.'

"Rowdy Triangle"

A region of the Southwestern United States encompassing the following college campuses (CU Boulder, Ft. Lewis, UofDenver, UNM, NMSU, Texas Tech, ASU, NAU, UofA, and sometimes UNLV) "Between 4/20 at UC Boulder and Star Pass Pool Party at UofA..The Rowdy Triangle is definitely the place to be spring semester"

Continue for more of our top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder. "Washing"

V. Taking time to enjoy yourself and the company of others. Often takes place on a couch or other comfortable piece of furniture. Some people may do so by drinking a beer, smoking some weed, or just over all relaxing. #OccupyCouch

Originated in Northern California and is Popular amongst college campus' such as University of Oregon, CU Boulder, Mizzou, UC Davis, and Fordham University.

Washer 1: Damn dude, you've been studying all day. How long are you going to be washing for when your done?

Washer 2: At least three hours, I'm going #OccupyCouch hard.

Washer 1: Awesome, I may come by and occupy with you, I've had a long day as well.


The month of January where students at Colby College and Middlebury College take one class therefore demonstrating they are a bunch of pussies, compared to the rest of college students that have several classes per day and still manage to have more fun. Particularly those studying in Vermont, California and Colorado where "j-term" means "joint term" pertaining cannabis.

Two guys at new years party:

Pussy from Colby: Ya January won't be too bad, we have a j-term


Continue for more of our top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder. "Purple Dick"

This is a coined phrase from CU-Boulder Chey-Ho. It is meant to be used in a sarcastic tone. Purple Dick--->Someone who is a bit tarded, annoying, or an asswhole. But can be used in anyway.

An asswhole can dance like a purple Dick


An attempt at impressing and kissing the asses of all current members/brothers of the fraternity(s) you're rushing in the hopes of earning a bid so you ultimately can acquire automatic (yet shallow/boring) friends and easy access to incredibly hot sorority ass at the cost of your self-dignity and individualism.

Colin the Freshman: "Hey Pledgemaster Todd, how much can you bench with those stacked biceps, dog? I bet it took years to get triceps and abs so thick..."

Pledge Master Todd: "Enough with the bro-flirting, kid. Here at the CU Boulder chapter of Kappa Sigma we take anyone stupid enough to pay thousands of dollars more than the value of the standard of living which we provide. As long as you take Dave the Transfer into my bedroom and let me watch you guys kiss, you're in!"

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