Photos: Would you pay $50,000 for a night in floating pop-up hotel room?

Earlier this month, the folks over at our Show and Tell blog told you about "The Hotel Rehearsal," a "floating" hotel room at the Curtis Hotel, available for rent at the bargain price of $50,000.

The deal is getting national publicity thanks to a new Time magazine feature. But strangely enough, no one has paid the price -- yet.

Get details about the highly unusual deal and see a slew of photos below.

According to Curtis Hotel sales and marketing director Kate Thompson, "The Hotel Rehearsal," created by artist Alex Schweder, was launched in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas and will be available through August 23.

The ten-feet-by-seven-feet space isn't exactly spacious, but it does offer its share of amenities, especially once it's lofted skyward above a specially outfitted van.

"You'll go up about thirty feet in the air total," Thompson says, "and stay in a vinyl room that has all the comforts of home. And you get a very different view of Denver from up there, because the top of the piece is see-through."

While the walls are clear, too, guests will be provided with curtains for when they want a little privacy. But what if nature calls? Do you have to shinny down to the ground and find a facility?

"You don't," Thompson confirms. "It's got a full bathroom, a shower, a toilet and a sink, with everything all enclosed within that space. It's really kind of amazing."

To enhance the visuals in the main area, the $50,000 price tag includes "some binoculars and some groovy tunes on two iPods that you can keep -- and you can also keep an iPad with a StarGazer app."

That's not all. The "Lloyd in the Sky" package -- named for the hotel's robot mascot -- also includes a party for a hundred friends at Lloyd's Studio 54 lounge in the Four Square Ballroom, complete with food and drinks. And that's not to mention a "disco brunch" at The Corner Office Restaurant & Martini Bar and greetings by impersonators Jon, Paul, Sunny and Cher. And the beat goes on.

Given all that, not to mention that Time magazine article, renters must be lining up to spend time in the room, right?

Wrong. "We did have one call inquiring about it," Thompson reveals. "But no takers so far."

If anyone with a thick wallet steps up, he or she will know the dough will be sending a positive message. "First and foremost, it's a contribution to the arts," she allows. "That's why we wanted to be part of this. We love celebrating the culture and the art coming into the Biennial."

Need more reasons to rent? Check out photos by our Philip Poston from the room's unveiling, during which it was given a try-out by two prominent endorsers -- Governor John Hickenlooper and Denver mayor Michael Hancock.

Continue for more photos of the floating pop-up hotel room that costs just $50,000 per night. Continue for more photos of the floating pop-up hotel room that costs just $50,000 per night. Continue for more photos of the floating pop-up hotel room that costs just $50,000 per night.

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