Poisoned dogs: Firestone PD seeks person who committed "cowardly act" of killing two pets

The Firestone Police Department hasn't formally charged anyone with poisoning a pair of dogs earlier this month. But officers have clearly made it a priority to catch and bring to justice the person who allegedly killed Dozer Boy, a chocolate lab, and Kyera, a German shepherd. Get a load of this post from the FPD Facebook page:

The item reads:

Approximately two weeks ago, two beloved companions (Kyera and Dozer Boy), were killed. These were two loving dogs, the person responsible for this cowardly act, tossed poison meat into their back yard, 500 block of 5th street. This investigation will not be over until the person responsible is charged. We know who you are; however we will deal with this appropriately. Kyera and Dozer Boy were loved deeply by their care-takers and they were considered as loving companions!

What happened? According to the Longmont Times-Call, Travis and Tesla Dougherty moved to Firestone from Greeley in late July along with Kyera and Dozer Boy, who'd been with them for seven years or so. They describe them as sweet, cherished members of the family.

Then, on August 8, Tesla put the dogs into the backyard to get some exercise. But when she checked on them twenty minutes later, they hadn't returned. She then discovered their bodies in the backyard.

Initial tests on the dogs didn't turn up poison. But a followup at Colorado State University discovered what's described as a "ball of meat" in the esophagus of one dog. Toxicologists at Texas A&M, where the sample was sent, haven't come through with results thus far, but the local police department clearly has a person of interest in mind -- and if the scientists find poison, criminal charges appear to be a very real possibility.

The Firestone cops also posted a photo of Kyera and Dozer Boy supplied by the Doughertys. Here's a larger look at it.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.