Previewing Stephen Colbert's Late Show Debut With His Greatest Colorado Hits

Tonight, Stephen Colbert makes his debut as host of CBS' Late Show — and we planned to celebrate by sharing many of the funniest Colorado moments from his now-defunct and much-missed program The Colbert Report.

But Comedy Central, the network that aired The Colbert Report, hasn't made it easy.

Most of the links to clips shared in our December 2014 post published prior to Colbert's final Report have changed or vanished in the intervening months.

Retribution for leaving Comedy Central even before Jon Stewart did? Or coincidental web glitchery? You be the judge.

Nonetheless, we were able to find five working (we hope) videos featuring Colbert ribbing our fair state. They're accompanied by excerpts from our original posts on the topics.

They should whet your appetite for tonight's festivities. Enjoy.

Jared Polis does beer bong with Stephen Colbert

Published August 8, 2009

It's one of those TV moments when you're thinking, "He won't do that. He wouldn't possibly do that." And then he does it anyway!

Second District Congressman Jared Polis appeared on last night's episode of The Colbert Report in the show's first-ever "Even Better-er Know a District Segment" — so named because Colbert had already introduced viewers to Colorado's "Fightin' Second" back in 2005, when Mark Udall represented the area. Following an introduction during which Colbert declares Boulder to be "the tea-bagging capital of America" (because of the Celestial Seasons HQ there, natch), Colbert and Polis engage in amusing give-and-take, with the host insisting that Polis called all gay people narcissistic and Polis countering that Colbert must be gay deep down, because he said it's easier to love something like yourself. But then, Colbert pulls a beer bong out of a bag, and before you know it, Polis is sucking down a Coors Light, the far right's favorite brand of suds, through a big plastic hose. Clear your desk, because your jaw's just about to land on it.

Peeps lawyer doesn't like Peeps, and other revelations from Stephen Colbert's latest Colbert Report investigation

Published April 1, 2010

Yesterday, we told you that attorney John Pineau — who represents Carol "Chay" Burdick in a dispute that pits Peeps against possible eviction — had agreed to speak to The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert about a trial delay without commenting on the case itself. Our prediction: "Knowing Colbert, it'll wind up being hilarious anyhow."

Bingo. After a rebroadcast the show's original Peeps package, which debuted in September, Pineau offered no new insight because "I don't want to undermine the integrity of the proceedings and the trial, and for me to comment openly might bring disgrace to the proceedings, and I wouldn't want to do that" — at which point a photo of Pineau was replaced with one of Gregory Peck as To Kill a Mockingbird's Atticus Finch, except with donkey ears (the type sprouted by bad boys in Pinocchio). Colbert subsequently asked, "If they made a Peep in your own likeness, would you eat yourself?," to which Pineau responded, "Actually, I don't like Peeps." Colbert countered, "So this is like a member of the Klan representing Rosa Parks?"

Video: Stephen Colbert hypes debate as "the Up-ender in Denver!"

Published October 3, 2012

If University of Denver officials ever needs a hype man, they need look no further than Stephen Colbert, whose preview segment about tonight's debate at DU (it's on view below) would've put Flavor Flav to shame. With the DU debate logo behind him, he whipped up the crowd about "the Mile High Match-up, the Up-ender in Denver, the Thrilla between Chocolate and Vanilla."

Colbert also looked forward to challenger Mitt Romney's predicted use of zingers — "because Americans need to know their leader has a well-honed sense of zing."

Video: Stephen Colbert rips CU students who haven't signed up to live in "gun dorm"

Published December 3, 2012

From the "In case you missed it" file: On Thursday's hilarious "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger" segment, viewable below, The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert weighed in on the fact that no students have signed up to live in CU-Boulder housing that allows guns — a story our Sam Levin first reported in August. Of course, Colbert is critical of this situation, reminding enrollees that college is "time to get crazy: do shots, take shots, get shot."

But a wag of the finger for Colbert's reference to "U of C students." It's CU, pal — or CU later.

Videos: Stephen Colbert dubs Colorado "Potsylvania" in hilarious "reports"

Published March 14, 2014

The national media continues to be fascinated by Colorado cannabis, Stephen Colbert included. Last night, less than two months after his amusing tribute to the marijuana Super Bowl, he devoted the lion's share of his program to the subject via two segments: one exploring the scene in what he dubs "Potsylvania," the other digging into the offerings of ganjapreneurs who realize that Denver is both America's number one vacation spot and the place where photos most require software to remove red eyes.

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