Puppies N' Stuff kid conspirator in dognapping from Northglenn store still at large (VIDEO)

It's a story made for TV news: a puppy theft from a Northglenn pet store in which video shows two adults apparently in league with a child, who walks out with a chihuahua in her coat.

And the tale's not done spinning, or wagging. An arrest has been made, but police don't think the man in custody is one of the actual thieves -- and the alleged kiddie con is still at large.

After the publicity generated by the theft of the aforementioned chihuahua and a Jack Russell terrier, a person claiming to be a friend of the dognappers contacted the pet store, Puppies N' Stuff, and said he'd return the woofers. But when Darrell Emery showed up with the dogs in a box, Northglenn cops promptly arrested him for receiving stolen property.

He didn't really think his plan through too well, did he?

Authorities in Northglenn are still looking for the trio who took the dogs -- and the fact that one of them appears to be elementary-school age or thereabouts ensures that TV stations will follow whatever happens very closely.

Below, find a larger look at Emery's booking photo, as well as KWGN/Fox31 coverage of the puppies' return, complete with reporter Tamara Banks ad-libbing an impromptu weather forecast from in front of the store, which had been closed for hours at the time of her broadcast. Talk about double duty.


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