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Ramone Hollins: Fort Carson soldier busted for MMJ burglary says he wanted to destroy the pot

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As we noted on Monday, the bust of three men trying to burglarize a Colorado Springs dispensary was an example of clever police work -- but the excuse used by arrestee Ramone Hollins was even more inventive. Hollins -- a Fort Carson soldier, as were his alleged accomplices -- claimed that he broke in to destroy the marijuana inside, not to steal or use it.

That's the word from the Colorado Springs Gazette, which obtained an arrest affidavit in which Hollins reportedly said, "We were just trying to get rid of all the marijuana" -- a claim one of the other men with him (Darius Thomas and Cory Young) echoed.

Don't know how that story's gonna fly -- but it probably would have been more believable if all three had been outfitted as superheroes, with a logo featuring a joint inside a slashed circle emblazoned on their respective chests. Instead, they wore standard burglar gear, as seen in this surveillance image:

Look below to read our original item, complete with photos of the supposed anti-weed crusaders.

Original post, November 15, 12:58 p.m.: Suspicions continue to exist between police and operators of medical marijuana businesses -- but a recent incident in Colorado Springs suggests that cooperation is increasing. Specifically, Springs officers on an unrelated call noticed people inside the Rocky Road Remedies dispensary outside of business hours -- and when they investigated, they nabbed three alleged burglars.

Look below to see the suspects' mug shots and get more details from the CSPD blotter:

Colorado Springs Police Department release:

Incident Date: November 13, 2010 Time: 2:04:00 PM Title: Burglary Location: 2489 S Academy Blvd

Summary: On 11/12/10 at approximately 2:04AM several officers were on an unrelated call at 2493 S Academy Blvd when Officer Vantland noticed 3 suspects inside a neighboring business at 2489 S Academy Blvd. Officer Vantland knew the neighboring business at 2489 S Academy Blvd was closed and no one should be inside.

Officers took three suspects into custody for 2nd Degree Burglary of 2489 S Academy Blvd, Rocky Road Remedies, LLC. Rocky Road Remedies, LLC is a medical marijuana dispensary. The suspects had forced open the back door of the business and then attempted to leave via the front door when Officer Vantland saw them.

Adults Arrested:

Darius Thomas, 23

Cory Young, 22

Ramone Hollins, 22

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Ron Rocha, Regis coach, part of 20-kilos-a-week cocaine-ring bust: See mug shots & drug photos."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.