Reader Ali Hasan disputes idea that sex addiction is scandalous

Yesterday, Patricia Calhoun wrote about former Westword cover boy Ali Hasan, who recently shared a lengthy essay about going through rehabilitation for sex addiction. In our comments section, Hasan took exception to Calhoun's assertion that the experience added a "scandalous line to his resume."

Miguelali writes:

Scandalous line to a resume?

Maybe for Westword being a sex addict is "scandalous?"

But for me?

Like I said on the blog post -- I wrote about my recovery because I hope it helps others. I was deeply inspired by the stories of other addicts, but very few talked about the relapse territories, especially the times when you start losing people.

Scandalous? Sharing this is one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done.

Lastly, Patricia, maybe I'm overly sensitive, but there seems to be a sarcastic juxtiposition between my 'humorous' description of my 2008 House District 56 race and my description of recovery -- I use humor in all of my blog posts, including my recent post on recovery. I also have not edited my bio (or the description of my House Race) since coming out of recovery, because I don't take any words back - I am deeply proud of my past work. I am also still humorous. But that doesn't make me a badass.

What really makes me a badass?

Openness. I hope my experience helps others.

With love and peace -- ALI

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.