Reader: Aurora Century 16 lawsuits increase ticket prices, won't help safety

Our recent post about a new lawsuit filed against the owner of the Aurora Century 16 noted that it was at least the eighth formal complaint spawned by the July 20 theater shooting at which twelve people died and seventy were injured.

One reader has mixed feelings about the proliferation of suits.

RevBF writes:

In a way I'm hoping that one of these reaching lawsuits stick, because then when I go to the movies, I can come back and also sue, saying that too much security makes me feel uneasy and also gives me long-term anxiety. I feel for the people that were there, really, but suing is far from something that's going to alleviate any conditions or concerns. The only thing it will manage to do is raise ticket prices on the already egregious price tag because the cost of added security will trickle down to the consumers. I hate to be the one to say what others are thinking, but if you feel unsafe at a movie theater there's always NetFlix.

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