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Reader: Can You Prevent Your Designated Driver From Getting Stoned at a Pot Club?

In a recent Comment of the Day, we featured the take of a reader who believes that if people can drink at a bar, they should be able to smoke at a pot club.

Lots of those who responded agreed with that theory.

However, one person raised some interesting points about the differences between drinking and smoking in public, especially as it relates to designated drivers.

Here's what he had to say.

Nifer Hoffman writes:
The biggest issue I have with this is that my drink is not going to get my DD, the table next to me, or the bar staff a "contact drunk." There is no way to stay sober if you are in an enclosed environment with a couple dozen folks lighting up. How do you keep your staff sober and safe? How do you keep the DD's from getting a contact high other than never have them in near club — and we all know that's not going to happen. While it's a nice idea in theory — the execution needs work before the city officials will also agree it's a good idea.
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