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Reader: Crotch-Rocket Riders Are Also Known as Organ Donors

Once again, a Comment of the Day has birthed a very interesting conversation.

This time around, the conversation was prompted by a reader who stressed that drivers should watch out for motorcyclists, but bikers have responsibilities, too.

Plenty of replies focused on those crotch-rocket riders who zoom in and out of traffic.

Below, find two takes on the subject. The first argues that crotch-rocketeers are a different breed from other motorcyclist, while the second offers stats (and a link) in regard to cyclists and accidents.

Mark Lumbert writes:
Let's get a few things straight .1) The guys swerving in and out of traffic are crotch rocket riders and they are not bikers. Those are what we call organ donors ,and 2) Cage drivers are at fault 96.7% of the time involving a cage and a motorcycle. So obviously we all have to obey the rules of the road, but let's get the facts straight because the numbers all point to cage drivers and not bikers.
Steve Handler writes:
The statistics say otherwise:

"NHTSA claims that of all motorcycle deaths in 2011, 35% (1,614) were the direct result of the rider speeding. This according to its research and data is a substantially higher death toll than any other vehicle type on the roads — 22% for cars, 19 % for trucks and 8% for large trucks.

"However, the staggering number in all of NHTSA’s research is that of the 4,323 motorcyclists killed in 2011, 33% (1,426) of the riders were under the influence of alcohol. That’s almost 1 in 3 fatal motorcycle accidents attributed to drinking and riding."
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