Reader: Watch for Motorcyclists, But They Have Responsibilities, Too
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Reader: Watch for Motorcyclists, But They Have Responsibilities, Too

We recently posted about the seventeen Aurora traffic fatalities that have taken place thus far in 2015.

Among them were a number involving motorcycles, including one that took place earlier this week.

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One of our readers focused on the number of accidents involving motorcyclists here in the metro area — and she feels that preventing more of them will take effort on the part of drivers and bikers alike.

Here's what she had to say.

Sabrina Häger writes:

Yes, too many distracted drivers, including motorcycle riders. Riders always post the those pre-summer posts that tell drivers of vehicles to watch for riders. Very true but riders need to be just as cautious, if not more because they are not as protected if something happens. Furthermore, it should be a LAW that they have to wear helmets. The most recent deadly motorcycle accident that happened, the rider had no helmet.

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