Reader: Denver Is Full of Smokers and Beta Males Who Refuse to Grow Up

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The Denver Cruiser Ride kicked off its tenth anniversary season on Wednesday night; even the cold, rainy weather couldn't dampen the spirits of this free-wheeling crew. But Darnell24 wasted no time throwing a wet blanket on the festivities, and wrote*:

If you have ever lived in any other cities and move to Denver, there are a few things that really stick out. 1.) A lot of people still smoke cigarettes 2.) The city is full of beta males that refuse to grow up, they continue to seek the approval of their peers on their personal taste. Grown men don't feel the need to project their lifestyle through their tight jeans and lame facial hair, they accept who they are on the inside and are comfortable with themselves. 3.) The food scene is weak; let's not pretend some hipster selling $5 tacos from a food truck is culture, it's not. 4.) Colfax is full of bums, and stoner kids from the Midwest who look like bums. 5.) The State Capitol area looks like the front lawn of a halfway house. 6.) For a city that probably believes in white guilt, they have a lot of nerve pretending they are "natives."

What do you think of Darnell24's observations? What things do you think stick out about Denver?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.