Reader: Even Californians who relocate to Denver are better than Texans

Comments beget more comments. That was certainly the case when it came to "Reader: Denver's great, but that doesn't mean we need a bunch of Texans moving here," a Comment of the Day culled from our post featuring Movoto's top thirty reasons for moving to Denver. Sorry, Lone Star staters, but this reader has a few bones to pick, too.

Charlie Whiskey writes:

Californians are fine, they fit in well (though I feel bad for those of you who live in the burbs and may be surrounded by OC transplants), but the Texans and Midwesterners are bad. Like the people who have the colorado plate sticker that says like "buckeye" or "spartan" on it? If its so great, go back. Or all the Cubs fans. Wash Park is like 'Little Chicago' now. And they're all up tight over privileged yuppies. The folks from Texas suck because they have no idea how to drive in the snow (terrified, and glued to the left lane) or around people on bikes (speeding through the city as if they're on a six lane road back home in suburban Dallas).

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