Reader: Gluten-free diets are not a fad

"Too Many Mornings," Alan Prendergast, January 3

In Mourning

Thank you, Alan, for writing this very thoughtful piece on a very special person. Even though we will most likely never know the full story of what happened, I feel that you have brought us closer to the truth. I hope that the truth does come out someday, either through a breakthrough in the investigation or a confession by some guilty party.

Kimmyan was a beautiful person and one of a kind. She is missed.

Dario Rosa
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Kimmyan Franklin

Wonderful article. One thing only alluded to with the mention of Che Guevara is that Kimmyan had a keen sense of social injustice. She read the International Socialist Review every month and was well aware of the plight of impoverished and oppressed peoples the world over. Her heart was so huge, she held a place for South African miners, Bolivian coca farmers, far-flung communities of peoples struggling not just for survival but for freedom. In a way, it was her own struggle, too.

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"Trends Without End," Lori Midson, December 27

Delete Wheat

I am surprised by how many chefs and restaurant owners implied that gluten-free diets were a frivolous "fad" that will pass in time. Why so much suspicion and disdain regarding customers' requests? I can't eat gluten for medical reasons, and let me tell you, it seems pretty unlikely that anyone would request a special cardboard-like bread substitute just to be cool. Just think about it.

I understand that gluten-free requests are a pain in the ass, but treating it like a fad delegitimizes celiac disease and potentially endangers diners when kitchen staff think that it's just a trend or not that bad. Chefs are not doctors and shouldn't try to determine whether someone's dietary restriction is real or not. It's most likely very real, and the customer will end up spending the next few days in the shitter (if not worse) if you're careless with that wheat flour or soy sauce. Have some respect for your customers, people.

Lauren Golder

>"Raising a Stink," Melanie AsmAr, December 20

Stink or Swim

I am really angered by this article! A bunch of yuppie hipsters move into a "hip" new development and suddenly think they run the place! Want to be an artist? Before you can portray life the way you can imagine it, you need to see it for what it is. You can give your little corner of town all the cutesy names you want, but it doesn't change that it is a hard part of town, meant for industry, not young suburbanites.

T. Mason

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